AMS CEO Graduates with another Master’s Degree

Farhaad Haffejee, who has been at the helm of the AMS as CEO for just over a year has bagged yet another Master’s Degree, this time from Henley Business School. Haffejee graduated with a globally recognised international MBA (Master of Business Administration).

Farhaad echoed the following sentiments on his newly added qualification, “My MBA journey has been one of tremendous growth and learning, both professionally and personally. It has equipped me with tools and models that assist in my professional role and enhanced my thinking and decision-making skills as a leader. All of these allow me to strategically lead the AMS at a critical time in its history towards becoming a sustainable organisation with socially impactful programmes that continue to benefit South Africa’s most needy communities.

As an organisation, the AMS encourages capacity building and development. We strive to ensure that our people continuously develop their skills and better themselves in every way possible while we support them where we can. It is therefore only appropriate that I lead by example. Learning should be a lifelong journey. It opens our eyes, minds, and hearts to innovative concepts and thinking, and makes us enriched beings.

As a firm believer in the saying “lift as you rise”, I am forever grateful and blessed for all the opportunities that I have been given to be on this path of constant learning, and I intend to be able to continue paying it forward wherever possible. I believe that the success of an organisation lies in growing and developing others.

It is my hope that the AMS continues to play a leading role in developing future leaders within the aviation & healthcare industries while we deliver programmes that have a massive social impact in the communities that we serve.” he said.

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