Cadet Pilot Development Programme

The cadet development programme was established to develop young pilots and in so doing boost the African Aviation industry and to contribute to retaining pilots within the country. To date this programme has seen 20 candidates realise their dream of becoming a pilot. As part of AMS’ commitment to transformation this programme provides young cadets with the opportunity to build their knowledge and experience with access to industry leading training and dedicated staff.

The pilot development programme exposes the cadets to high altitude flying as well as short field landing and operating in and out of rural airfields. On successful completion of the programme the cadets can look forward to continue their journey with the AMS as a line Captain or taking to the skies as a First Officers through the various airlines. Since launching the fixed wing pilot development programme the AMS have recruited 20 cadets of which 18 have qualified. This programme is currently on hold until further notice.

Payment Summary
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