At AMS we believe in investing in the future by developing skilled specialists and making a significant contribution to our industry. We have established an AMS Training Department for the purpose of facilitation of learning and skill development. We also offer work-integrated learning, informal and formal training in the form of professional short courses to meet the training and development needs not only to our employees but also to private individuals, academic institutions, government, non-profit organisations and corporates in order to provide the opportunity to develop and enhance scarce and critical skills.

Training and development activities are planned on the basis of need and demand to enable people to meet the constant transformation and development within the aero-medical and aviation Industry.

The organisation actively pursues programmes that addresses the shortage of skills within the aero-medical field and thus offers programmes such as trade apprenticeships in the engineering field, the PC 12 Cadet Development Programme and the Paramedic Development Programme.

Cadet Pilot Development Programme

The cadet development programme was established to develop young pilots and in so doing boost the African Aviation industry and to contribute to retaining pilots within the country.

Specialised Training

Ehambayo Mobile Medical simulator: a cost effective, safe and cutting edge mobile teaching centre for the healthcare professional.

Aviation Healthcare Providers Course (AHPC)

The Aviation Healthcare Provider Course (AHCP) aims to equip the qualified healthcare provider with the knowledge and skills to treat patients within the aero-medical environment. The focus is on the safe treatment of patients in the pre-hospital and inter-hospital phase of aero-medical transportation.

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