Oudtshoorn Eden District / Central Karoo Rescue Service Launch

The SA Red Cross Air Mercy Service and the Western Cape Department of Health Metro emergency medical service launched the Eden District / Central Karoo rescue service on the 17 November 2009.

AMS would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors who have made the Oudtshoorn Rescue Launch possible. AMS and the Western Cape Department of Health METRO Emergency Medical Services was proud to announce the expansion of the Oudtshoorn aero-medical service, with the addition of the rescue service for the community of the Eden and Central Karoo District. Rescue missions are performed by the AgustaWestland 119Ke helicopter. The aircraft will be utilised for mountain and surf rescues as well as inter-hospital transfers and primary calls, operating during daylight hours. The aircraft is fully equipped with a dedicated, mobile intensive care-type interior, with sling and winch capacity with emergency floatation gear for operations over the sea. It has the capacity for two pilots, three crew members and one stretcher patient.

We would like to thank the following sponsors who have donated items, financial donations and their time in making the event a success:

  • Cango Wild Life Ranch
  • Oudtshoorn Municipality
  • Kango Winery
  • Kannaland Municipality
  • Jan Kritsinger
  • Oudtshoorn Aero Club
  • Gawie Swart
  • Rob Hall
  • Matt Schoeder
  • Johan Kriegler
  • John Minnie
  • Cango Model Flying Club
  • Oudtshoorn Courant
  • Fanies Bakwerke
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