Our Fleet

Our services are provided via a fleet of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. The AMS conducts aero-medical services in terms of the aviation regulatory framework. We are licensed by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) for air ambulance and charter operations.

The AMS provides 24-hour advanced life support fixed wing and helicopter air ambulance services as well helicopter rescue services.  Our aircraft are fitted with custom designed intensive care medical interiors.

We believe in maintaining a modern fleet of aircraft, our fleet is regularly upgraded with new technology and advances in aviation and the aero-medical industry. AMS introduced night-vision goggles (NVG’s) into the helicopter air ambulance service.  This facilitates access to rural hospitals and clinics that were previously unreachable at night by helicopter.

Pilatus PC-12 Fixed Wing (single turbine):

Pilatus PC 12 fixed wing
AMS Pilatus
Pilatus PC-12 Fixed Wing (single turbine)
Pilatus PC-12 Fixed Wing (single turbine)
Pilatus PC-12 Fixed Wing (single turbine)
Pilatus PC-12 Fixed Wing (single turbine)
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  • Fully equipped, 24-hour Air Ambulance, with a dedicated, medical intensive care-type interior.
  • Nine seater with a capacity of up to three stretcher patients.
  • Pressurised cabin.
  • Cruises at ±450km/hr, can reach altitude of 30 000 ft, ideal operating range > 250km.
  • Perfect for short strip-landings.
  • Utilised for transporting personnel on the outreach service.

AgustaWestland 119Ke & Kx Rotor Wing (single engine):

AgustaWestland 119
fleet 2
AgustaWestland 119Ke Rotor Wing (single engine)
AugustaWestland 119
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  • Air Ambulance and Rescue
  • Fully equipped with a dedicated, medical intensive care-type interior, with sling, winch capacity and emergency floatation gear for operations over the sea.
  • The Kx range is more specialised for NVG operations.
  • Cruises at 250km/hr, operating radius of 200km, but can be utilised for further distances.
  • Has the capacity for two pilots, three crew members and one stretcher.

Utilised for mountain and surf rescues, as well as inter-hospital transfers and primary calls.

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