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Captain Sven Hilland has joined the AMS family two months ago. We trust he has settled well into the operations and wish him all the best with our team.  Here’s a look into Sven’s world.

Tell us about yourself: I was born in South Africa but am of German and French descent. I have spent my youth in Swaziland and Natal. In later years, I settled in the Western Cape which I have made my home since the nineties. I enjoy the outdoors as well as fishing, for which I have Protea colors. I have been flying since joining the Airforce in 1992. I have toured internationally as a pilot since 2007 and spent large amounts of time in Asia, Europe and North America. My personal motto is professional – tackle all tasks professionally as well as be fair and kind to people.

Why have you chosen this field? I chose this field of aviation because, in general, helicopter flying involves assisting people in need – and specifically HEMS flying falls directly into this category.

What motivates you? Achieving objectives successfully.

Tell us about your role at AMS. My role at AMS is helicopter Captain. This incorporates flying the helicopter and my crew safely on flight missions involving the transfer of patients between hospital facilities, as well as conducting mountain and sea rescue missions.

How has the pandemic changed your outlook on life? It has not affected my outlook on life.

How do you unwind at the end of each day to manage workload and avoid burnout? To avoid burnout and unwind after a day’s work I spend time relaxing with my family or head outdoors.

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