Help us warm the hearts of our ‘little’ patients

Annually AMS transports in the region of 1100 children below the age of 10 on a national basis. These children invariably come from disadvantaged backgrounds. The children flown by AMS are on their way to hospital in one of the larger centres for treatment and in need of advanced medical care during their flight. Sometimes our ‘little patients’ travel alone and will be away from their family and friends for some time. However, some of our ‘precious cargo’ is unfortunately not so lucky to be flown to referring hospitals but rather flown home as they are terminally ill.  So we at AMS would like to do a little something for the little people.

This is a long term initiative and the goal is to provide every child flown by AMS with a branded teddy bear.  Research has shown that a teddy bear is one of the objects that helps a child deal with absence, fear and separation. We are aiming at providing each child with a decent size, well-constructed bear that will be able to stand the test of time and endure many an adventure with their intrepid young owners. Also a bear that they can find comfort in and cuddle when the busy day is done and it’s time to sleep.  We have done some research and have appealed to the corporate sector for help, unfortunately those wheels turn very slowly so we need to “kick-start” the process. We have identified a commercially available bear for under R100 delivered. These bears will be branded and redistributed via our crews to their new owners. 

AMS staff members have started this process by pledging their support financially and challening each other to raise the bar on donations. Together they have managed to raise R2 000 towards this campaign.  The proposed “first delivery” will be on the 16th of December 2014. Our sincere appreciation to Airbus Helicopters Southern Africa Pty (Ltd) who have matched the contribution from the AMS staff. MH Aviation Services has also come on board and has challenged their staff members to donate in their personal capacity, whatever they raise MH Aviation will match and will continue supporting this project for the next year! We look forward to making the journey for our little ones a tad bit more pleasant with their new ‘fury’ friend.

We would like to appeal for financial donations. Please help us to make a difference to a little person’s life by making a donation into the AMS bank account. Please use the word ‘Bear + your name’ as a reference so we can allocate the funds.

Bank details:
Account Name: SA Red Cross Air Mercy Service Trust 
Account Number: 1186115785
Bank: Nedbank
Branch Code: 118602
Ref: Bear + your name

Thank you for helping us make the journey for our little friends a little smoother.

Payment Summary
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